RGBots: Public Domain Webcomic utilizes public domain comics to provide material for riffing. For a good understanding of why there are so many of these public domain comics, we can turn to Comic Vine:

After the success of Superman and Batman in 1938, dozens of new publishers sprang up and unleashed hundreds of new super heroes on the comic readers of the Golden Age. After the end of World War II, however, super heroes fell out of favor with readers. As quickly as they had arrived, the majority of these heroes and their publishers disappeared. Copyrights were not protected as adamantly in those days, and many of these characters and their adventures have since fallen into the Public Domain.

This allows any publisher or creator to use the characters and the original Golden Age material any way they wish.

We here at RGBots chose to be little shits about this wealth of free material and make fun of it. Surely the fate the creators of these comics expected for their hard work.

For more information about public domain works, check Wikipedia.

So where do we get our comics from?

Most comics we riff come from Comic Book Plus or the Digital Comic Museum.

We do not run entire issues, but generally stick with a cover, an ad or two, and a short comic story within. We include the link to each issue at the proper archive so you can go and view the original comics for yourself as well.