RGBots: Public Domain Webcomic is a spinoff of the webcomic RGBots. Feel free to take a look.

You done?

Okay, so this comic is based on riffing on old, public domain comics. What are public domain comics? Glad you asked, you can check out this page on public domain comics for more information.

You back?

Okay, so this comic is all about the RGBots, Red, Green, and Blue, going through old public domain comics of debatable quality and riffing on them. This is like Mystery Science Theater 3000 in that there are robots and jokes at the expense of previously created content, but whereas MST3K is classy and relatively safe for families, the RGBots love using the word “fuck.  But legally it’s NOTHING like MST3k. You know, for legal reasons.

So basically, what this all boils down to is a webcomic made up of old, public domain material with dumb little jokes written on the pages. Still interested? Good.

The comic riffs are handled by an anonymous group of writers pulled from RGBots, and the comic updates Tuesdays and Thursdays.